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MyŠKODA is mobile application to help you as a customer of ŠKODA AUTO in various daily situations connected not just to your car. You can have digital version of car manual, plenty of instructional videos, you can match the app with your favorite dealer and use various services.

Connect to your ŠKODA with Connectivity apps

Connect to your car with your phone to experience new functions of ŠKODA cars. Use our apps to know your performance, efficiency  or just if want your children to play games instead of asking “Are we there yet?” Our apps get detailed information from the car and send them to your phone in real-time so you can see everything about your performance or let your children play games that depend on car data.

Playful ŠKODA

We have created game apps that will fuel your child’s imagination and keep them entertained for at least as long as the battery lasts.

ŠKODA Cartette

Show off your knowledge of the ŠKODA cars against your friends in our latest game. Invite your friends and see who knows the most about the ŠKODA stats and car models. Which one of your friends are simply clever?

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