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SmartLink and SmartGate

SmartLink delivers an elegant connection between car and smartphone by supporting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink™ technologies.

Special mobile apps in your smartphone download (by Wi-Fi) and analyse current driving data provided from the car system by SmartGate to give you records on operating figures, driving efficiency and costs.

SmartLink Apps

SmartGate App

The SmartGate App plays the role of middleman between the in-car SmartGate device and your Android smartphone’s apps. Its attraction lies in its efficient use of data channels, keeping the remaining channels free for other mobile devices.

Up to three apps can be run in parallel under the SmartGate App (one in the foreground, two in the background), all in tandem with data collection for ŠKODA Drive.

A connection is established directly via a single app upon launch, with other apps then connecting under SmartGate automatically.

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